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Making a Will Lawyer Inverness

Making a will allows you to communicate what you want to happen to your property, possessions and money when you die. Contact our friendly local lawyers today. You can call us on 01463 219 949 or contact us online.

The advantages of making a valid will cannot be understated. They allow you to leave a set of written instructions explaining how you would like your property to be distributed after you have passed away, such as:

  • Who is to inherit your assets and personal items
  • Who will look after your affairs and carry out your wishes
  • Any specific funeral arrangements you would like to be made
  • Whether a Trust is to be set up for the benefit of young children or incapacitated beneficiaries

Wills can also help you with long-term financial planning, so that those you leave behind aren’t unnecessarily burdened with liabilities, and so that their inheritance is secured.

If you do not make a valid will, those you leave behind will not know what your wishes were and your estate will be distributed according to strict succession laws known as the rules of intestacy. This means your estate might be distributed in a way you did not intend.

Why Make a Will?

Wills are important legal documents that should be drafted by an expert solicitor, who can make sure that your will is as comprehensive as possible. For example, as well as taking into account all your property, assets and special circumstances and requirements, there are a number of clauses that can be included in a Will, such as:

  • A clause revoking any other will made in the past, to avoid any conflict between the past and present wills and prevent previous wills from being revived
  • A clause providing a Destination Over, which, allows for a substitute beneficiary to inherit in the event of an original beneficiary passing away.

As well as ensuring your will is expertly drafted and clearly communicates your wishes, a solicitor will also ensure that your will is valid. This is done by, amongst other things, making sure you haven’t been pressured by someone else into making a Will and that it is signed in the presence of a witness.

To ensure that your Will is valid and accurately reflects your wishes, it is therefore advisable that you consult a solicitor who can talk you through it and draw up the required documents.

Write a Will Inverness

Contact our friendly family lawyers today to find out more about making a will.

Call us on 01463 219 949 or contact us online.

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