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Family Mediation in Inverness

Mediation is a voluntary and informal process whereby parties to a dispute agree to appoint a Mediator to help them resolve matters in a mutually acceptable way. The Meditator is impartial and they will create a safe environment for parties to speak openly about their issues.

As each party is given a voice in mediation, the process is particularly suitable for family law cases, such as divorce, where emotions can hinder effective communication. The Meditator will guide the discussion and ensure that it is constructive and positive. The parties themselves are expected to reach an agreement they can both adhere to.

Inverness Family Mediators

Meditation is often preferred over court litigation because it tends to be a cheaper and less stressful process that benefits both parties. The scope for compromise helps to keep relations in tact, which can be useful in cases where parties need to continue to co-ordinate on issues such as childcare.

It is advisable to consult a solicitor before entering meditation because solicitors can provide the advice and support an impartial mediator cannot. Solicitors can advise on matters such as the mediation process, the law that applies to your situation and what your rights are, whether meditation is suitable for your case and how to get the best outcome.

Family Mediation Lawyers in Inverness

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