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Power of Attorney Lawyer Inverness

power of attorney invernessA Power of Attorney allows another person to make decisions on your behalf, in the event that you become unable to take care of your own affairs. To discuss Power of Attorney, contact our friendly team on 01463 219 949 or contact us online.

If a person suddenly becomes incapacitated and unable to look after their affairs then families can often find themselves having to become involved in a complicated legal process to be able to make decisions on behalf of their relative.

It is for this reason that many adults should put in place a Power of Attorney. This is a legal document that makes clear who should be able to take decisions for a person if they become incapacitated. It is usually the case that a family member, close friend or a designated professional such as a solicitor is appointed as the attorney. The person granting the power of attorney has to have mental capacity at the time of doing so i.e. the person must be able to show that they understand the process they are involved in and comprehend the powers they are granting to another.

Once a Power of Attorney is in place the attorney can then act in the best interests of the Granter if and when they become unable to make decisions for themselves.

The 3 types of Power of Attorney:

  • Simple Power of Attorney- this would usually involve looking after someone’s affairs for a period, for instance if they were out the country and unable to attend to day to day matters in person then the attorney could do so on their behalf.
  • Continuing Power of Attorney – this allows the attorney to look after the financial affairs of the Granter, and on an ongoing basis.
  • Welfare Power of Attorney- this allows the attorney to make welfare decisions in relation to matters such as care issues.

In an ideal world every adult would take the steps to put in place a power of attorney deed in favour of a trusted person to look after their affairs in respect of either sudden or gradual loss of ability to look after their affairs. We appreciate that not everyone will take such a step but there is no doubt that such an arrangement can assist loved ones greatly in the event of say an accident.

The process is straightforward and our lawyers can guide you through the procedure quickly and in a cost efficient manner. The cost and effort involved is minimal and the certainty that is brought through putting in place such an arrangement is immeasurable.

Power of Attorney Solicitors Inverness

If you are considering putting in place a power of attorney then get in touch with our experienced family lawyers. Call our team today on 01463 219 949 and find out how we can help.

Call us on 01463 219 949 or contact us online.

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