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Civil Partnership Lawyer Inverness

civil partnership lawyer invernessFor clear advice on any aspect of civil partnerships, same sex marriage or dissolution, contact our friendly and trusted lawyers today. You can call us on 01463 219 949 or contact us online.

The Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Act 2014 allows for the creation of a legal relationship between same sex couples. This legal relationship creates rights relating to matters such as pensions, employment benefits and succession to property in the event of death.

If you are planning to enter into a civil partnership or same sex marriage then you may wish to consider obtaining legal advice as to the legal rights that are created and changed by entering into such an arrangement. Matters such as drawing up a will or inheritance tax planning need to be considered at the same time as the new legal status may impact on existing documents. Our solicitors are happy to help and advise.

Dissolution of a Civil Partnership

The dissolution of a civil partnership follows broadly the same approach as divorce proceedings. A court order is required and the ground for dissolution is the breakdown of the relationship. This can be established through unreasonable behaviour, desertion for at least two years, and two-year separation with both parties providing written consent, or parties being separated for 5 years with no need of consent.

As with divorce proceedings, the court at the time of ordering the dissolution of the partnership can make orders dealing with financial matters and issues relating to children of the relationship.

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